Work Duty Requirements

The NCFAA is comprised of over 150 participants in the various sports. A lot of other associations consider us to be well organized and that is in part due to the cooperation and dedication of our parents. We understand that work-duty does not sound fun but we have a great group of people and with our ALL IN motto everything we do is fun!!

Please note that right now our Work Duty requirements are solely for Football & Cheer however as we grow it could extend to our other sports as well.

  1. What are your Work Duty Requirements? 4 hours completed either in one 4 hour or 2 two-hour blocks. Actual shift times may vary slightly from the allotted time. That is per family not per participant. Please note if you have teenagers over the age of 15 they can complete the work duty on your behalf while earning community service hours for school
  2. Is there an option to buy out of the Work Duty? Yes if you prefer to buy-out the cost is $50 per family.
  3. How do I sign up for the Work Duty? As the season starts the various jobs and schedules will be made available for you to sign up with your team Business Manager.
  4. What if I cannot work my scheduled shift? Your replacement be 15 yrs or older and needs to indicate who they replacing at sign-in. You will need to notify your Business Manager of this change.