About Us


Developing the hardest working scholarly student-athlete in Missouri. Build confidence, unity, integrity, and leadership through athletic activities.


North County Falcons Athletics Association is dedicated to the Student-Athlete to help express them through competition in an athletic activity. We will provide a safe, fun, structural environment for student-athletes to develop teamwork and sportsmanship. We will provide unity, integrity, leadership skills that will be used on and off the field throughout the student-athlete lifetime. The success of our program will not be measured by wins, or loses, but how they meet goals.

NCFAA Values:

  • Promotes Academic Excellence
  • Strong organizational leadership
  • High quality coaching
  • Safety in everything we do
  • Instruct through positive reinforcement
  • Develop enthusiasm for the game
  • Teach Teamwork and good Sportsmanship
  • Build pride and self-confidence
  • Help kids reach their full potential
  • Maximize participation for all players
  • Prepare players to compete in High School
  • Seek continuous organizational improvement
  • Encourage two-way communication
  • Family oriented / All in is our Motto!!!
  • State of the art equipment
  • Fun and Fundamentals are a priority over Winning